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NES Machine Code Editor (alpha)


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So, this is something I'm trying to develop further into more of a game sort of thing, but I got the mechanic working and think it is fun enough to share. Machine code editing done natively on the NES. ^_^ 

(The indexing bug was figured out. I was decrementing and using BNE to loop, so naturally when the index hit #$00, it escaped the loop and didn't write $0500 index 0.)


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On 12/19/2019 at 9:38 AM, chromableedstudios said:

Pretty cool idea, are you on nesdev too? Seems like the kind of thing to folks over there might appreciate

I do have an account over there. I should frequent over there more often. I mostly lurk and read; Not many posts by me. 

19 hours ago, erockbrox said:

So you could literally create a small game on here like pong or something.

Yes, in theory, except it is not possible to add anything to the NMI routine in ROM. The code execution currently starts at $0500 So execution runs through from $0500-$07FF, But I could move the sprites from $0300 up to $0200, then move execution to start at $0300. Then one would have from $0300-$07FF free for machine code. The idea I had for it is not that big in scope though. 

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