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[ENDED] LRG Flat Rate Mystery Box - Ends Sunday 8th


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Well it is time my friends to bring unto you this beautiful box o mystery!   This will be a large flat rate box available for all the US based members (International is welcome to participate, but see rules below). 


What's in this beast?  A bounty of beauty from various generations, but primarily the old vintage kind that we all prefer.  There may be carts, paper items, toys, nick knacks, who really knows included within le box. 


Rules are as follows:

  • All bids to be made in this thread, publicly
  • Auction ends Sunday December 8, 2019 at 10:00:00 PM VGS time (eastern coast for the lazy)
  • Bids start at $100 with shipping included to US based addresses
  • BIN price is set at $160 with shipping to US address included !
  • Bid increments in $5 please as I hate to have someone snipe for a penny above the last participant
  • Any bids within last 5 minutes will give auction one time extension to 10:05 PM with bids on the nose counting.....
  • International bidders, please note that you will be charged the additional cost of shipping this box to your address minus $20 on what I would pay myself already


Good Luck!


Highbidder = a3quit4s $105



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