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howdy! i have some sega genesis games for sale. here are prices and quick photos. i can get better photos on request. usps shipping from california 92107 if you want to estimate.

the everdrive is an authentic board in a high impact football shell with clamshell case. it's not the prettiest but it works great.

  Boxed games:      
12 Aladdin 50
Everdrive MD3 flashcart
5 Clue   w/ sd card  
25 Dark Castle      
16 Ex-Mutants   Carts:  
4 FIFA International Soccer 27
Contra Hard Corps
16 Home Alone 2 7 Outrun 2019  
12 Judge Dredd 3
Greatest Heavyweights
9 Paperboy 2      
10 Pitfall the Mayan Adventure      
8 Revolution X      
17 Stargate      
28 Strider      
4 TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament 96      
30 True Lies      
17 Urban Strike      
21 Vectorman 2      
4 World Series Baseball 96      
21 Zero Tolerance      



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