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Spider-Man 4 (Wii, Unreleased) - Gameplay video & ROM

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Yet another prototype has been dumped and released to you all! This time we will be taking a look at the unreleased game developed by Eurocom, Spider-Man 4 on the Nintendo Wii. This build was found on an RVT-H Wii development kit. These development kits are very similar to your normal Wii, however they use an internal hard drive as opposed to an optical drive. Due to there being a lack of an optical drive, there are also buttons on the front to mimic the functions of the optical drive. Said development kit was teased on twitter a few months ago, and thanks to the generous Andrew Earley, we now have a copy to release and preserve.


For gameplay video, more details and download link, see:



Announcement tweet with some neat imagery:


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You're kidding me

Spider-Man 4? What? Excuse me?

I guess based off that title screen it was gonna be about Vulture, huh

I always thought The Lizard would end up coming into play in the actual Raimi Spider-Man 4 movie as well, maybe bonded with a symbiote for good measure

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