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Which Capture Card For Composite Video And Laptop?

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I'm looking for something to convert VHS tapes to digital video using a VCR and a laptop, I figured some people here may have some knowledge on various USB capture devices. I see various cheap ones on Amazon for $30 but then I also see an El Gato Composite / USB capture device for $170, is there really a difference?

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I too am looking to do this. Seriously thinking about getting a Retrotink 5x, or even a 4k for the upsampling, but I still need a capture device for the HDMI out.

FYI @Code Monkey, you might want to watch this video (

I know I can get what I want from my tapes with a retro tink, but I still need to get that data into my PC and a reasonable cost from an HDMI output at 1080p.

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