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WWF Hasbro Figures - Trade for video games or Sell

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23 hours ago, The Count said:

What kind of games are you interested in trading for?

Hey, my #1 console is Nintendo 64, but I'd be interested in most Nintendo consoles from NES to Wii (including the handheld systems like Gameboy, GBA, DS, 3DS). What do you have available?

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Wow you have a number of those.  I've got 5 currently when I've had luck getting them local for like $10 or less at flea markets. 🙂  I've mostly offloaded my things, but I do have random stuff still, gaming or gaming related (toys, accessories) still including a few import things (largely FC.)

I've got the older hogan(rules shirt), slaughter, big boss(with stick), jake (with damian), and dibiase in black.  Been hoping to come across a select few others like piper, brutus, undertaker, hacksaw...nothing crazy.  Surprised to see a Sting figure, have a WCW version of that with a little belt on my desk.

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