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Solaris is a game where reading about it is a MUST... I used a full through walk through, because who's got time to map everything out on their own?


There is also this somewhat advanced technique called "phasing". Technically it might be a glitch? But I'm just going to call it a feature, because its pretty useful if you want to beat the game without being put through the wringer. Basically the map portion of this game is a 16-screen maze, except there are lots of enemies that obstruct the paths. Some of these encounters are really hard to get through unscathed, so avoiding them is the preferrable option. When you can't go around, sometimes you can "phase" through them. This is done by exploiting the map select feature, which allows you to call up the map at any time using controller 2. Basically, you pick a fight with some easier enemy (usually the tie fighter looking guys or an attack group of assorted enemies). While engaged with them, you use the map select trick to pre-select your NEXT destination: (ie... the thing that is blocking your path that you would like to skip) after you win your original fight (and you have to win it), you will then automatically start on your new destination, and can move off of it without it blocking you.

This is useful for skipping minefields, corridors, and cobra squadrons (which are all brutally difficult and should only be engaged when you have no other option!) It's also useful for skipping wormholes which will spit you out at a new spot on the map. Sometimes this is useful to reach a previously unreachable area, but sometimes it can be a hinderance if you are trying to just take the shortest path to Solaris.

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