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WTB: Limited Run Worms Armageddon N64


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Hey doods, I missed out on this release when it was available from Limited Run, and now I'm at the mercy of scalpers and the **shudders** Ebay international shipping service. 🤢

If anyone has a copy of this they're willing to sell, I'm not picky on condition or anything, please PM me and help a bro out, will ya?! THX! 😘

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5 minutes ago, RH said:

Just curious, how much should an item like this cost to be shipped from  the US to your location?  I mean, what's a fair shipping amount, not with the eBay mark up.


Well, as I mentioned previously, somewhere in the 15-20 bucks range. I usually get stuff shipped for around 16 or 18 USD, with tracking and it will arrive within a week. Ebay's service is dogshite by comparison.

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