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Dreamcast: white swirl on spine


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Hey all,

I was looking through my current DC collection and noticed 2 games have a white swirl on the spine: Spec Ops II and Sega Smash Pack Volume 1. Does anyone know why this is? I was able to find white and orange swirl versions for both games when looking on ebay, but I don't know the reason for it. Also had trouble searching for it because all the results were for white labels vs black, which I know was due to a rebranding.

White swirl:                                                    Orange swirl:

img_9370.jpg.1f50cbb4e1bf3df8778214a68371e8cb.jpg                                                      image.png.0777d1d5c0088cdecf40a866c5b5ab29.png

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2 hours ago, xelement5x said:

I am fairly certain this is just sunfade on the spine.  It is hard to tell the difference over the rest of the spine since it's just white text over black, but I have gotten games like this before with Dreamcast.

I think I agree.  The swirl looks more like a very faded orange.

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