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Does anyone know where I can bulk download video game cover art(front and back?)

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Looking to make a library of these, but I just need the front and back cover arts (NTSC). The Cover Project is nice, but they don't have everything and I have to crop each one to make a front and a separate back. Mobygames is ok, but it has a lot of PAL, and often times lacks NTSC version. Anyone know where I can get these all in one go? I need PS1 to Xbox 360 basically.

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If you can use Github, this guy has multiple libraries of covers.  This is called "The Cover Art Collection", and I don't know if it's the basis for The Cover Project, but it's what I have bookmarked.


To bulk download, click on the Code button at the top-right, and at the bottom of the menu is a "Download Zip" button. You can explore the available files first, if you want to see if this is what you need.

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