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Minigame Mayhem (Virtual Boy)


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Not many Virtual Boy homebrew. Aside from Elevated Speed, basically...nothing else. So I am making a game for the Virtual Boy. It is a collection of minigames. It's called "Minigame Mayhem." Right now there are five completed minigames on it and I am busy working on game #6: A "Fast Food" semi-clone. You can play what I have of the ROM and see my progress on the official Minigame Mayhem site.


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There isn't?  Your project looks fantastic.

I'm happy to see a new project, but there have  been some ongoing projects and a few finished in the last few years.  If you go back a decade it gets thin if you count year vs project, but about that far back Hyper Fighting (SF2 Turbo) was converted famously.  I recognize your fruit fly game and the rest, the idea of taking a bit of a few small projects and turning it into a multicart of sorts is a smart move.  it adds variety to where you get the value from many games in one cartridge in the end.

RetroOnyx (kevin mellott) put out a battlezone style clone/turret game called War Zone, costs $100 to $150 depending if you want loose vs CIB, but he also is using 100% new parts, even the unique pin connector he found a way to recreate.  https://www.retroonyx.com/product-page/virtual-warzone-cib

Might I suggest contacting Planet Virtual Boy https://www.virtual-boy.com/ so you can have it highlighted and shared with the largest and oldest VB community online which would be a real asset.  On top of who I mentioned, there are numerous other coders, a few have been colaborating to create the VUE Engine, a smart suite of tools to ease the coding of making VB games.  Currently a solid test title has been kind of an overhead view F-Zero style title called Formula V which just had championship mode finished https://www.virtual-boy.com/homebrew/formula-v/  A couple months ago someone made a demo game of a Silent Hill play novel to download and enjoy too.

Here's a current list of the homebrew current and past that either finished or was left incomplete:
https://www.virtual-boy.com/homebrew/  I really would suggest going on discord to their channel, talk to them, they can get you into the website with full news coverage, etc to help sell your game if you go that direction, and if not, at least it will be well known and easily found for those who still deal with the VB.

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Hi! I have been sharing my progress about the game on the Planet VB Discord channel.

I'm surprised someone got 100% new parts so we can apparently quit cannibalizing old cartridges. I've been using VIDE and Programmers' Notepad, and that's been working fine so far.

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