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Starfield Reactions?


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My wife and I installed and played last night via Game Pass on XBox.  We played for a few hours until you get to the first populated planet (I think it is called New Atlantis?  Constellation?)


Anyway, I haven't played any of the recent Bethesda games that have been focused on first person shooter gameplay (Anthem?  Prey?), and the design here seems to be heavily influenced by FPS games - kind of a disappointment.  I even had to lookup online if there was going to be "magic" in the game because I'm not really interested in playing a game where the main action revolves around collecting and shooting guns in first person.  It's just not my genre, and it was all guns last night - no powers.  


We also somehow landed at the wrong place in the tutorial on a planet called Kreet and were wandering around wondering what went wrong.  We stumbled onto some enemies that we thought were part of the tutorial, but we figured out were meant to be dealt with much later in the game - made the emphasis on FPS play much more apparent than it would have otherwise because it kicked our a$$.  We switched to third person view and then got back on track with the tutorial where the enemies were much easier.  That's when we saw the old Bethesda come through - their games are REALLY about searching through furniture for semi-useless items.


Anyway, I'm sure I will play this, and it will be fun.  It certainly looked and sounded incredible, but my first playtime with it was kind of average in that I think the core genre seems to be a miss for me and a departure from what I was expecting based on old-school (mid-school?) Fallout and Elder Scrolls.


I'll also say that I am just not really interested in playing the parts of Bethesda games where you build your house or your settlement.  I usually skip those entirely, and it was a big turnoff for me in Fallout 4, so the parts of Starfield where you get to design a ship or a base are things I'm not looking forward to.  My wife loves that sh!+ though.

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