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Sonny Xpress (Watara Supervision) Proto Discovered


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In a discord server I frequent, a listing was found for a lot of Supervision games. In that listing there was a cart with a plain white label with some black text, which turned out to be a prototype of Sonny Xpress, one of the rarer Supervision games known to exist. Diskman (the person who runs what I'd call the best database for Supervision stuff) picked it up

Not exactly the most interesting proto to ever surface (it's mostly the same as the final game), but it is cool to see one for an obscure system

Link to Diskman's page on the proto

Link to completed listing


Oh, also Diskman is selling some cool stuff on his eBay right now. Like a Super A'can dev kit

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@spacepup it's debatable I know, some of the bidders wanted to complete their sets, and likely a few historian dumpers/preservists in the mix as well. In actuality I have more than enough games for a lifetime, etc, there's a point where it's just a notch in a post and one stops caring, and that's where I'm at.

That being said, at the end of the day it does all come down to opportunitists, trendy lemmings without a brain, etc. I'm a pioneer, so of course it's somewhat aggravating or frustrating when trendy followers jump into the mix. So I'm kinda just venting that frustration here.

Therefore, I'm pretty much done with it, aside from VGA Werewolf, helping community friends here and elsewhere, homebrew, and FB.

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