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Striking gold in my in-laws basement


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So this past weekend I went to my wife’s parents house in Virginia. My father in law is the type of person who keeps almost everything, and l lucky for me we were going through some of my wife’s and her brothers stuff from when they were kids. We stumbled upon a bunch of their old game collection boxes and Pokémon cards.  I was only able to fit a few things to bring back in my suitcase. Most of the game boxes are empty with the exception of heart gold and yellow, but I have most of the games loose so it worked out great!  I’m excited to see what else we can find next time I’m up there.  Who knows what else could be hiding!


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2 hours ago, re4mat said:

That's a great find! Were there only boxes, or did they also have some systems/games/inserts/etc. down there?

They had all the games but we left them there to play when we visit, I just took the boxes and manuals, I have a few of the games already just have to pick up some of the others.  They have a few systems too, N64, 2 GBC’s, GBA, DS, Cube, Wii, 360 and a ps2.

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