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What does "Qualified" mean in this sold listing?

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It just means the game is open, but complete. See here for more info:

Or here: https://cgagrading.com/faqs

"What is eligible for the Qualified Scale?

Qualified Scale refers to items that show signs of previously being opened or items with autographs on. We are looking for the following criteria: 

AFA/ CDA/ DCA: tampered factory tape (cut, re-glued, double-tapped, etc.). Signs of previously opened boxes.

VGA : reseals (aftermarket shrink wrap, re-glued cellophane/sticker, etc.). Signs of previously opened games.

CGA is offering the option of inspecting the contents of the item. If the contents are found to be in new and complete condition a Qualified Certificate will be released stating this information and a grade will be assigned under our Qualified Grading Scale. If this option is chosen then the item must be processed accordingly in order to receive a grade. If not, the item will be subject to refusal and the refusal options will apply."

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To simplify, anything that receives a "Qualified" by CGA (AFA, VGA, etc.) is guaranteed to have the contents be both new/unused and complete.

When it comes to AFA, they do this in the case of a product being unsealed or factory resealed. In the case of the latter, they put their own policies first. So even if the product came directly from the factory, or has a letter citing a QC check, they will ignore it if the submitter wants to have the item graded.

In the case of video games, with an emphasis on pre-GameCube era Nintendo releases, the product will receive that if it appears the packaging was opened at any point. But still require the contents to be both unused and complete.

I hope that helps. 🙂

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I used to ask CGA a lot of questions.
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