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FT: Vita system and games for Wii U games or 3DO system.


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I have a perfect working and good condition PS Vita slim system. It comes with  2 loose games, an 8 gig memory card along with a  PS vita case and a charger that I would like to trade for Wii U games or possible 3DO system.  The games are Unit 13 and the other is Asphalt injection. For Wii U games they don't need to be CIB, but  preferably have the the original case and cover art. For a 3DO system, I’m pretty open though would like to avoid the goldstar model but not a deal breaker. Here are some of the Wii U games im looking for the most currently but I am open to any and all, as I only have 1 Wii U game so I'm pretty open, but these are my biggest wants.


Twilight Princess HD

Mario RPG

Mario Party 10

Nes Remix 2

Super Mario Bros. U, and or Luigi U

Toad Treasure tracker

Xenoblade X

I understand I have 2 post under this account. I was a memeber of nintendoage and got out of collecting around the time it went down. I am on Atariage, and have other references available. I will post pictures later this evening as now im just trying to gauge any interest.

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