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[ENDED] SNES SEGA SD2SNES Everdrive and other

Tom Stamper

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Super Famicom in excellent condition in box like new with 2 controllers
Sega Mega Drive 1 Japan without box with one 3 button controller and Stereo and C-Sync mods.
Everdrive MD V1
SNES controller for Switch Online
3 super famicom controllers
SNES cartridges: Star Fox in a box without a manual Donkey Kong Country without a box and two Japanese games
SEGA cartridges: Herzog Zwei complete set in perfect condition with manual and football
Adapter Super Game Boy
Region adapter for SNES
Famicom clone from the microgenius factory on a large board
SNES USB Buffalo Controller

All in one lot. Write if you want to buy and I will take a photo. Payment with USDT, it can be bought on any crypto exchange. International shipping $50. The starting price of the auction is $250, the auction time is 24 hours.

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Administrator · Posted

@Tom Stamper is this intended to be an auction? If so we'd want to move it over to the Auctions subforum.

Aside, note to anyone interested in buying this:

Buying/selling with crypto is "fine" from a site rules standpoint, but note that it is at your own risk - there are zero protections with regard to crypto, so consider it more of a trade than a purchase; if the "seller" never sends you anything there's no legal entity which will step in and make it right.

I highly suggest against purchasing crypto on any exchange for the sole purpose of making a purchase.

And similarly, note to Tom:

I don't watch every transaction on the site, but to my knowledge nobody here is paying for things with any form of crypto. You may have better luck elsewhere if that's the only form of "payment" you're willing to accept.

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I think you have something a bit special there, at least to me with the SFC stuff, but good luck on that with crypto few people here even bother with it, less I think would pay for it, especially blind with a new member and so far no image either unless you commit to buy which is weird.  Good luck though, someone will be happy.

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