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snes test cart and gamecube service disc :D

Nes Freak

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just got these in the mail from the same guy i bought the n64 kiosk and neon nintendo sign.  i got them both for 1100.  there both in outstanding shape the test cart is mint! and the disc has a few very minor scraches  but doesnt effect functionality.


i actually already have the snes test cart  but my version has a purple label  which i beleive is more rare than the greyscale label  but both carts are identical program wise  (i dumped and check them in a hex editor)

im not sure if i want to sell or just keep it  since there both that same program wise.  never the less  ive always wanted the greyscale one lol.


ive also included a pic of al lthe test cart i currently have.  and yes i have 2 of the control deck test carts too ones grey wile the other is yellow



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