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List of Game Boy Games by size


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I gotta say, I'm curious what you'd  do with that information, haha.

There might be a site that lists them, but if you were to hypothetically download a complete rom set, you could sort the files by size. And if you're comfortable in a terminal / command line, you could also sort them by size and get a nice list/table that you could copy and paste.

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You can get a csv of games that includes their size here (although downloads seem to be temporarily disabled at the moment). Open it in your favorite spreadsheet program and sort by size. To save you some trouble in case downloads aren't back up soon, the smallest games released were 32 kilobytes and here's the list:

Alleyway (World)
Amida (Japan)
Asteroids (USA, Europe)
BattleCity (Japan)
Bomb Jack (Europe)
Bouken! Puzzle Road (Japan)
Boxxle (USA, Europe) (Rev 1)
Boxxle (USA)
Boxxle II (USA, Europe)
Brain Bender (Europe)
Brain Bender (USA)
Bubble Ghost (Japan)
Bubble Ghost (USA, Europe)
Castelian (Europe)
Castelian (USA)
Catrap (USA)
Centipede (USA, Europe)
Chiki Chiki Tengoku (Japan)
Cool Ball (USA)
Crystal Quest (USA)
Daedalian Opus (USA)
Dr. Mario (World)
Dr. Mario (World) (Beta)
Dr. Mario (World) (Rev 1)
Dragon Slayer I (Japan)
Dropzone (Europe)
Flappy Special (Japan)
Flipull - An Exciting Cube Game (Japan)
Flipull (USA)
Game Boy Controller Kensa Cartridge (Japan)
Game Boy Datenlogger 1 (Germany) (v1.0) (GBD1) (Unl)
Game Boy Digital Sampling Oscilloscope (Europe) (v3.6) (GBDSO) (Unl)
Game of Harmony, The (USA)
Heiankyo Alien (USA)
Heiankyou Alien (Japan)
Hong Kong (Japan)
Hyper Lode Runner (World) (Rev 1)
Ishido - The Way of Stones (Japan)
Kakomunja (Japan)
Klax (Japan) (Hudson Soft)
Koi wa Kakehiki (Japan)
Koro Dice (Japan)
Kwirk - He's A-maze-ing! (USA, Europe)
Kyoro-chan Land (Japan)
Loopz (World)
Master Karateka (Japan)
Migrain (Japan)
Minesweeper - Soukaitei (Japan)
Minolta Camera Test Cart 2420 (USA)
Minolta Camera Test Cart 2440 (USA)
Missile Command (USA, Europe)
Mogura de Pon! (Japan)
Motocross Maniacs (Europe)
Motocross Maniacs (Europe) (Rev 1)
Motocross Maniacs (Japan)
Motocross Maniacs (USA)
NFL Football (USA)
Othello (Europe)
Othello (Japan)
Palamedes (Europe)
Palamedes (Japan)
Penguin Land (Japan)
Pipe Dream (Japan)
Pipe Dream (USA)
Pitman (Japan)
Pop Up (Europe)
Pro Action Replay (Europe) (Unl)
Puzzle Boy (Japan)
Q Billion (Japan)
Q Billion (USA)
Renju Club - Gomoku Narabe (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)
Serpent (USA)
Shanghai (Japan) (Activision)
Shanghai (Japan) (HAL Laboratory)
Shanghai (USA)
Shisenshou - Match-Mania (Japan)
Soukoban (Japan)
Soukoban 2 (Japan)
Space Invaders (Japan)
Spot - The Video Game (Europe)
Spot - The Video Game (USA)
Spot (Japan)
Tasmania Monogatari (Japan)
Tasmania Story (USA)
Tennis (World)
Tesserae (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
Tesserae (USA)
Tetris (Japan) (En)
Tetris (World) (Rev 1)
Trump Boy (Japan)
Volley Fire (Japan)
World Bowling (Japan)
World Bowling (USA)
Yakuman (Japan)
Yakuman (Japan) (Rev 1)
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