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Guide to Pac-Man Party pack-in items


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I had long wondered if Pac-Man Party variants for Wii had the bonus items packed-in since it's very hard to find them with the bonus items included so I acquired a CIB copy and did a weight comparison. Conclusion: the items are packed inside the boxes. Here's items + weights: 

Rubber Bands variant without the bands, 3.363 ounces


Just the rubber bands, 0.364 ounces: 


Rubber bands variant with the bands packed inside, 3.726 ounces: 


3.363 + 0.364 = 3.727. Margin of error but I think that checks out. 

Sealed Rubber Bands variant, 3.751 ounces:


3.751 - 3.727 = 0.024 ounces. Weight of seal wrap + glue? 

Also, here's a sealed lanyard variant, 4.062 ounces: 


Assuming the math to this point checks out, the seal weighs 0.024 ounces and the contents not including the lanyard weigh 3.363 ounces so the lanyard weighs: 

4.062 - 3.363 - 0.024 = 0.675 ounces

I don't have the lanyard loose but I did find a picture of it online, here it is: 


That's all!

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