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Very convincing 100% complete pirate Wii game (Korean version)

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Had this sealed for a couple of years. Decided to clean off the shrinkwrap from scuffs and marks. Shockingly, alcohol made it melt and left unremovable traces. This convinced me something was off - I had doubts about it before, but thought it was just a case of Nintendo making this with an eye closed for the Korean market, for some reason.

Turns out it's completely fake, but a very good one, with shrinkwrap, manual and flyer. Upon closer inspection, the case quality is way lower than it should, the print and colour quality is much lower, and the Nintendo logo font is way off.

What really leaves no doubt is the disc, with shitty printing on the front, and ring codes missing at the back, with the cheap disc code scrubbed by hand to hide its origin.

Just thought I'd share it. Never seen a pirate like this before, and I wonder if it's really made in Korea, or in Hong Kong, since that's where I bought it.








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I guess we are really lucky that you decided to dust off your collection. Otherwise, this would have stayed sealed and ultimately sent off to Wata games for 10K monies where they would great it as authentic without hesitation, before spinning it on HA and ultimately into some hapless collector's collection. Throw in the potential for a partial refund and...oof!

Yes, we're all quite lucky, really dodged a bullet. 

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3 minutes ago, Tyree_Cooper said:

well they grade used shit don't they? i'm still gonna send it to them and they better grade it high, because the customer is always right.

Wouldn't all shit be used though? The again, I guess some could be second hand...er I mean second anused shit...

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