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Does anyone else collect Hu Carts?

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Yes, carts, I don't mean cards.

I got a ton of these cartridges, these all have different games on them or are color variations. 

I've got a few more with upside down labels too.

At the moment it's not known what company produced these games, actually as there are differences in label design I think it's quite possible some of these are knock-offs of knock-offs. 

Some possible folks behind these games:

1. Some cartridges are attributed to Taitc Corporation. I tried running a trademark search but the database was down. Another early company housed games in Toito Corporation shells, possibly it's the same outfit.

I'm thinking Sane Ting might have done some of that but I need to double check.

2. Hudson Soft themselves. The labels mimic their style, and there's evidence suggesting their Era division made a few carts like this.

3. Bit Corporation. While the label design is a bit different, they're still Hu labels. A few of Bit Corp's games have been found in these shells with different (earlier) copyrights to the games in official Bit shells.

Back to these Hu carts, as for the games themselves, they're old games, around 1985-1986 era. Also full copyrights, which demonstrates that these are older Taiwanense bootlegs.










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Impressive.  I had considered it at one point but I keep backing off going into that rabbit hole as I'm trying to add less not more, and much of that could all be had off a solitary modern or old multicart more or less from what I've seen.  I always thought they were just utter pirates across the board other than maybe a few legit from Hudson or whoever did them initially.  I thought they were early like the pulse line stuff Nintendo did.

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I sometimes see those on Xianyu. It seems like a lot of old Taiwanese stuff wind up there. If you wind up with some damaged ones, it may be worthwhile to open them up and compare them to some of the companies you mentioned. It does not look like they can just be unscrewed though, so I don't think it'd be worth it to try that on one in good condition

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