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Hoping someone can help me identify some Super Famicon items!


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Recently picked up some Super Famicon games from a flea market for no particular reason other than they were cheap and I knew my system was modified to play NTSC-J games in it.

In the bundle of items, 2 of them confuse me a little bit and I'm hoping someone could help shed some light for me.

Item #1 - https://imgur.com/a/y2bTTTB
Super Mario RPG! Looked normal enough at first, but when I plugged it in the play much to my surprise it was in English. I knew that wasn't right, so I took the game apart to look at the board and it definitely wasn't right. I'm more of a casual collector who knows more than the average person, but I'm far from a professional. I did look up the PCB board and it is indeed a legit Super Mario RPG Board from what I can tell. With the exception of the wires. This is the part I know nothing about. What the heck are the wires for. Is it someone's attempt at a home repair? or did someone Mod it to play in English instead of Japanese? I just have no clue what's going on there.

And #2 - https://imgur.com/a/sBDLc9o
Then there was this cartridge. No Label - Remains of a crappy Glue job on the Front. The shell appears to be like normal NTSC-J Super Famicon shells, with the exception that there are no Screw holes for the security bits and is held together with plastic tabs and no Nintendo markings anywhere. There are also grooves on the back of the cartridge so that it would fit a NA Super Nintendo console, unlike normal NTSC-J cartridges. And then the board does not have any markings I could identify. No Nintendo branding anywhere and I could not find a PCB match on a database website I used for reference. My brain tells me this is just some reproduction. Unfortunately it does not work when tested. When turned on, the system just acts like there is no cartridge plugged in. But I learned not to assume anything, and would prefer confirmation that it is junk before I get rid of it.

Appreciate any info anyone can give!

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Top one is legit, but not.  Someone I guess put a translation, or just dumped the US Nintendo translation to a chip then rand all those soldered wires over the top to the front so you could play your Japanese game in english with a bypass.

Second one, that is a legit chip there, it's Super Puyo Puyo if that's what it could boot as, but as you may have noticed you're missing another smaller chip.  The PCB is bs though.  This is how it should look: Puyo-g.jpg


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Cool!  Thank you.  So I more or less guessed right for the first one.  for the 2nd one I didn't even notice the chip was missing!  That explains why it doesn't work. I guess a previous owner liked to tinker around.  The rest of the games seemed to work normally, but I'll have to open them for fun just to see if they did anything else them.   Thanks a bunch!

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