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Handheld batteries

Astor Reinhardt

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So I had a thought...we all know PSP batteries swell up. I even had mine do so.

What about GBA SP batteries, DS batteries, 3DS batteries and Vita batteries? What type of batteries do those handhelds use? Are they also all at risk of swelling up?

Should I think about taking said batteries out of them?

I keep seeing all these stories about PSP batteries doing it but none on GBA SP or the DS's. I assume Vita/3DS is still too new for the batteries to fail...yet. But GBA SP and DS are getting old.


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I bought a GBA SP AGS-101 a year or two ago, and the seller told me he had only used it once...It was in the box, and everything inside looked like it was untouched.  it was in pristine condition...except I flipped it over and the back panel was about to break off because the battery had swelled up so bad...I took it out and it was an OEM battery, swelled to about 1.5x the size of a normal battery...it didn't break/burst but it was very close to snapping that back panel off, it had swelled up so much.  My assumption was that the guy had kept it in a warm garage or attic or something for the last 10 years...that is the only SP I've ever seen have that problem, but I guess the point is, it will be a problem for some GBA SPs and DSs one day too.

My solution: Send as many CIB/Sealed GBA SPs into WATA before they start to burst, that way nobody can ever play them, and when they do burst inside the protective casing, I can point to the WATA rating and be like, "Nope, you see, it is an 8.5...that pool of leaking battery acid doesn't affect the value at all." - I am a genius!!

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