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Loose DVD on a PS2 Game


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Hi all. I was wondering what is your opinion on this, and if anyone has successfully replaced a DVD on its place on a sealed ps2 game. I found a cheap copy of a game I was looking for for a long time, in superb condition and pretty cheap, but the dvd is loose inside the case. 
I got 2 questions:

first, has any of you sealed with this issue, and if so, is it possible to replace it without dealing much damage to the game? The copy is in really good condition and it would be a shame to miss it 

and second, if it isn’t possible, how is this looked collection-value- wise? I mean, all I’m collecting is for personal purposes, but personally it bothers me moving the game or when I got it grade moving the capsule and hearing the disc moving

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the ps2 push mechanism in ps2 cases is much tighter than ps4 cases, so watch out... i'd try on a cheap used football game a few times first. i have a few ps2 games with this problem and i haven't tried it.

(talking about japanese cases, not sure if us cases are looser)

frankly i think you're going to damage the insert.

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PS2 seals are not impenetrable. Meaning if you have a small enough pinky finger you can stick it in between the seams without tearing them, open the case just enough while sealed, press the button and make the disc fall out by turning the case sideways. I snuck into my grandpa's closet and stole my own Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 disc which was my Christmas present early. I claimed to have borrowed the copy I was playing.

I'm not sure if I put the disc back in though. I remember when I unwrapped the case I just brought it into my bedroom and came back out.

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