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Konami Live! port of Frogger Ancient Shadow (Windows)


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Is there anybody who has played this plug-n-play version of Frogger: Ancient Shadow and still has the PC they played it on:


Members of the Frogger fan base are hoping to get help from anyone who still happens to have the computer (or at least the hard drive) that it was downloaded to and played.

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For anyone who isn't familiar, here's a little backstory.


Cliff notes: PC port of Frogger: Ancient Shadow was a plug-n-play controller that hooked to your Windows machine. Assets were downloaded from Konami as the game played. When the servers went down about ten years ago, the game was unplayable. They managed to recreate the assets from console versions, but they're hoping someone has the original PC assets on their old machine that was running when Downton Abbey was premiering on TV.

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