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Verifying 360 seals

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So I got a stack of "sealed" 360 games from a local store, and I was sifting through them more thoroughly after the fact (I know,  not the ideal time to spot things) and I see this...







Now, my sealed knowledge is VERY MINIMAL for y-fold games, but I didn't even think to scrutinize it in the store because the of the folds and the tight seal and the seam on the edge, etc. Anyways, not having the security strip might have been a give away?

Anyways, the sticker on the back is very blatant about it being preowned and it's under the seal so there goes any chance of it being factory... 

But I guess my thing is, who would make such a nice reseal on this game?? It's not worth much. Has anyone else seen nice seals like this on reseals, maybe from Game Stop or something?

Anyways. The others have the security strips and all that. So I feel good there, but still upsetting

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10 hours ago, drxandy said:

So I am guessing it was a console bundle copy, under that sticker should say not for resale?

I've noticed missing sticker seals from sealed bundle copies, just got a bundle copy of forza horizon 3 for xbone that doesn't have a sticker seal.

Very interesting. I have another game just like this and I'm thinking of opening it up to explore.

I vaguely remember them selling used/like new, but I can't remember if that was a GameStop thing or an online thing,  and I also can't remember if they were sealed the same way as new games. 

But that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the input!

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