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  • 8-BIT XMAS 2009

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    Second entry in the 8-BIT XMAS series, and the first game.  A multi-player snow ball fight single screen arcade game.

    From the publisher's site:

    "It's that special time of year again, a time we spend with friends and family, a time of rejoice and generosity, a time for sipping eggnog whilst warming our socks in front of a toasty fire, and a time for taking a snowball square in the face from your freckle-faced neighbor, Jeffey. Payback time!

    Gather up three of your best (or preferably worst) friends for the newest game by RetroZone, Snowball Fight!!!, a four-player blizzard blast!

    While everyone is drunk on egg nog trip out to the colorful blinky lights that surround the edge of the cart! Top loader recommended to see the pretty colors, but front loader looks cool too.

    Much more than a reproduction, this original game cartridge is built using all new parts. No donor carts were harmed in the making of this game.

    If you just want to play the game, here is a free rom download!

    For the personalized touch, you can order Custom Text for the on screen message and the message inside the printed card. Send one to each of your friends, or just a few to yourself!

    Custom Text Ordering info:
    This is only required if you ordered your cart with Custom Text. If you did not, your cart will come with a generic Christmas message. Payment and personalized message must be received on or before Dec 15th to ship before Christmas. Delivery by Christmas is not guaranteed. Orders will end on Dec 31st. Email your personalized message to the address in the FAQ.
    On screen message is 4 rows by 30 characters, only capital letters, numbers, and simple punctuation. There are also two customizable player names, 8 capital letters for each. The printed card will use the same message as the cart.

    Package Includes:
    8 BIT XMAS 2009 clear cart (RET-X9-GBL) with personalized greeting
    Ciclone multi region lockout chip for NTSC, PAL A, PAL B, Asian Systems
    Black dust sleeve
    Printed Christmas card with pin up style cover"

    -Boxes are not included from RetroUSB, however they were available from NES-CITY ( @fsped09 )

    Edited by Deadeye

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