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General Arcade Repair Logs - updated 6/10/24



This entry is meant for simple fixes that aren't worth going in-depth about the repair. It will be updated periodically to add new entries. I only have one to start but should have more later.

Date: June 12th, 2023
Game: VS Super Mario Bros
Symptoms: Low scratchy sound on sub side
Solution: replaced bad LM3900 at 3N

Date: September 4th, 2023
Game: VS Super Mario Bros
Symptoms: monitor (20ez) experiencing weird issues, small screen and low/unadjustable B+.
Solution: replaced bad flyback

Date: September 23rd, 2023
Game: NFL Blitz 2000
Symptoms: Random game resets
Solution: Reseated video card, adjusted voltage to 5V

Date: December 2nd, 2023
Game: Ms. Pacman
Symptoms: Random game resets when the game warms up.
Solution: repaired damage game board card edge. HASL tarnishing made a poor connection that resulted in it getting burnt

Date: December 10th, 2023
Game: Crusin USA
Symptoms: Game not holding calibration
Solution: Replaced battery.

Date: December 16th, 2023
Game: Ms. Pacman
Symptoms: No boot, loud humming noise
Solution: Bad game board fuse block/blown out incorrect fuses.

Date: December 16th, 2023
Game: Punch-out
Symptoms: Game not freezing on the title screen
Solution: Reseated program ROMs on the game board.

Date: April 7th, 2024
Game: Defender
Symptoms: Some controls are not working.
Solution: missing ground wire on control panel. Adding it back brought back the controls.

Date: April 7th, 2024
Game: Galaxian
Symptoms: Stuck tone in a game, missing shoot and explosion sounds
Solution: bad LM324 at 7S

Date: April 7th, 2024
Game: Asteroids
Symptoms: Game not booting, monitor missing Y deflection
Solution: game pcb had a broken crystal oscillator. Game cannot run without it. Replacing that made the board function as it should. Monitor had bad deflection transistors, hence no Y deflection. Replacing those and the Y deflection fuse fixed the issue.

Date: April 7th, 2024
Game: Borderline
Symptoms: Game not booting, intermittent
Solution: Several connector pins on the power supply input were broken. This was resulting in incorrect voltages and the reset signal not making it to the board. Replacing those resolved the issue.

Date: April 7th, 2024
Game: Robot Bowl
Symptoms: Dead. Short on the game board. Controls not working.
Troubleshooting Steps: this is not recommended in an uncontrolled environment, but sometimes works great. Using a current limited supply, I fed 5V directly to the game board and felt each chip until I found the one that was hot. I made the mistake of allowing too much current to go through the board so the shorted part "popped". It ended up being a bad 7404 at 9F. The bad chips on the board were causes by reversing the card edge connector. It ended up sending 22V to a few chips which destroyed them.
Solution: replaced 7404 at 9F to correct the game board short. Controls were fixed by replacing bad 74LS367 at 1D.

Date: April 27th, 2024
Game: 19 in 1 multi-game board
Symptoms: 2 button signals stuck, acting like they were always pressed.
Solution: bad 10k pullup resistors were identified. Added new 10k resistors to fix it.

Date: May 11th, 2024
Game: NFL Blitz 2000
Symptoms: Game not booting
Solution: Jamma Card Edge connector was burnt, resultint in a big voltage drop. Fixing the 5V finger on the card edge and cleaning the jamma connector eliminated the voltage drop. After the fixing these issues +5V just needed to be adjusted to give it a correct voltage.

Date: May 18th, 2024
Game: Galaga
Symptoms: Game not syncing to monitor
Solution: Deflection card on the K4600 was defective. It had a bad H-Hold potentiometer.

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