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Fisher Price: I Can Remember






Genre: Children – Educational

Publisher: Gametek

Total time played: 20 Minutes

Short review: An easier, slower moving, less fun version of Classic Concentration.

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Isn’t It Ironic? Don’t You Think?

While logging all of my NES games in Pat Contri’s awesome iPhone application that allows users to track and sort their collections I realized something funny. I had marked Fisher Price: I Can Remember as a game I’d completed. I have a distinct memory of playing through the game. However, when I double checked this blog and my photo album with all of my completed games I noticed that I had not played the game at all.

So, I had a false memory of playing I Can Remember. Let’s just hope that now that I have played through the game I won’t ever misremember anything ever again.

Upon further reflection I’m pretty sure I remembered playing through Fisher Price: Perfect Fit which looks very similar to I Can Remember.

How To Play

Because the game is for ages 3-8 you get a pretty streamlined an easy to understand game.

  • Choose the number of players
  • Choose whether player 2 is a human or computer player
  • If you choose computer player you then select difficulty 1, 2, or 3

Once the game starts you are shown a screen with 20 numbered squares. Player 1 will select two squares revealing items beneath. If the items beneath the two squares you selected match those squares disappear and you earn some points.

As more and more matches are made more squares disappear revealing a large image in the background. If this was Classic Concentration you would have to guess what the large picture behind the squares is, but since it is a Fisher Price game you just get to look at the picture once all the matches are made and no squares are left.


The two roller toys have been revealed behind squares 7 and 14. They will disappear revealing more of the airplane.

How To Beat The Game

The computer player named “Electro” is no slouch playing on level 3. He has a great memory and very rarely misses a match that has previously been revealed. In order to beat the entire game you must have the highest score after 3 rounds of play.

For each match that is revealed you will earn less points. As there are fewer squares to choose from it doesn’t take as much brain power to find a match. The key is to be the first person to find a match on the board and earn 500 points. By the time the 10th and final match is revealed you only earn about 125 points. The player who reveals the final match on the board also gets a small bonus.

Being close to 30 years older than the high end of the recommended age it is slightly embarrassing it took me 2 tries to beat Electro and when I beat him on my second try my score was still lower than his score on my first attempt.

Final Thoughts

The game is very slow. When you select a square it takes 3-5 seconds for the square to slide away revealing the item below. If you don’t get a match it takes another 3-5 seconds to have the square reappear on the screen.

I also kept getting distracted by the music which was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Ba Ba Black Sheep. I kept mixing up the lyrics and singing both which also took away from my concentration of remembering where items were located.

This is not a good game but it is a competent game. I will probably let my daughter try it when she is 3 years old but I bet she will find it too slow to be fun. But, because it was slightly more challenging than Fisher Price: Perfect Fit I’ll bump it from 2.5 to 3 hearts.


I Don’t know why I waited 139 games to start putting the game completion number on the photo. I have to act like I’ve been doing it all along or my OCD will make me go back and add a number to the prior 138 games.

Fisher Price I Can Remember.jpg


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