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Perfect Pair



I purchased this game back in 2019.  I was totally looking for a homebrew game that would take me back to my childhood in a game created by our fellow sage @Vectrex28 in family picross.  

I purchased a steam package from Second Dimension, yes there are nes homebrews on steam!!!!

Today, I got to looking and found this game had come with the pack.  The game is Perfect Pair.

Perfect Pair NES Title screen

So, I clicked play.  This little puzzle game is actually a fun time killer.  Released in 2016, this little game makes you go around as cupid trying to bring together boy and girl.  

While not too hard, it can get a little tricky while you are trying to collect hearts.  While just tinkering around I ended up getting to level 12.  This proved a little difficult, but not too bad, I just really figured I had had enough and was ready to give it a whirl on writing up this blog.  

Starting out, you get these instructions:

Perfect Pair NES Instructions

Ok, so, collect hearts, got it!

Lets see what this means......

Here we go, level 1:  

Perfect Pair NES The first level

Follow the path and change the color of the path around the entire heart to get it.

Easy. Done. Alright.

Level 2:

Perfect Pair NES Only two hearts left in the second level

Easy. Done. Alright.

Level 3:

Perfect Pair NES There are two enemies in level three.

A little harder, but done. Alright.

Skip ahead to level 6:

Perfect Pair NES Activating a big heart in level six.

Not too hard, especially with a powerup!  This powerup gives you the ability to run through enemies.  While it does not last too long, it lasts long enough to stun 2 enemies.  

Once you get to the later levels, there are, what I personally termed sweepers.  They go back and clean your paths as you change the color of them.  This creates a little bit more of a challenge, but honestly not too much.  

All in all, I think this game is pretty fun.  You get unlimited tries and can easily beat a level with enough persistence.  

Nice little gem in a pack I bought on steam, not really even looking for it!  

Would recommend trying it out if you have the extra bit of money to purchase the steam downloads.

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