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#149 - Raid on Bungeling Bay



It’s been awhile since I’ve played a game that brought me to a point of real frustration and anger.  I think as I’m getting older, I am mellowing out a little bit and I put up with a lot more in my gaming.  I have to if I’m going to play all these NES games, and I also need to set a good example for my kids.  Thankfully as I played this game alone late at night, I could vent my frustration a little.  I didn’t go full out tantrum or anything, but I spent a fair amount of time visibly upset at this game.  I wouldn’t say this is a bad game either.  Hopefully I have your attention now to read on and see what you think of this game.


Full Review: #149 - Raid on Bungeling Bay



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I really love this one. Only discovered it recently, but the simplicity of it is so engaging to me. My big complaint is the sound, which is early famicom at it's grittiest. The 8 way scrolling is impressive for an N-rom board. I wish there would have been a sequel, which graphically might be "firehawk" but the bombing raid mechanic is so cool.  Anyway, I have a lot of love for this one

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