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#143 - Snake Rattle N Roll



Snake Rattle N Roll is a game that intrigued me from the beginning.  I randomly bought a copy of the game knowing that it was something fun.  I have a sort of fondness for isometric games, such as Solstice, Equinox, and Super Mario RPG.  Before real 3D rendering, especially on console, this was the best we got for these kinds of games.  These games do suffer from perspective issues and no depth perception, but under the right conditions they can be fun.  I had a really good time with Snake Rattle N Roll though it is pretty tough and made me sweat a little.

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I finally acquired this game recently after having my interest piqued a few years back.  One of the best!  And very underrated. There's a sequel of sorts on Gameboy called "Sneaky Snakes", but it's a side-scroller.  S.R.&R. Deserves an Isometric Sequel. 

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