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#141 - Bases Loaded II: Second Season



It's the end of January, which means it will soon be February, which means pitchers and catchers will soon be reporting to Spring Training, which means baseball is just around the corner!  Even if things don't get into full swing until late March, it is still exciting to have the buzz in the air, however faint.  For me, in a way, baseball never really ended like it normally does.  Almost a couple of weeks into the offseason, I started up a playthrough of Bases Loaded II.  This is another game that requires a full season of play, which meant I got to have my baseball fix for a little while without actually having baseball.  It's been stewing in my mind ever since, from compiling this review to creating the video to releasing my review.  Now I'm really ready for Spring to get here.

I'm really proud of how this review turned out.  Don't miss it just because it's about another baseball game!

Review: #141 - Bases Loaded II: Second Season



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