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About this blog

Ahoy mates,

this is a humble blog about my thoughts and opinions on certain retro games.

Right now it's just for the VGS Bingo 2022, but who knows. Maybe it's fun and I'll keep posting more rambling.

Entries in this blog

Phantasy Star IV or how it finally reconciled me on this series

A Look Back My history with the Phantasy Star series has been a really rocky one. I first encountered it back during the GBA era where I was browsing through a store and came upon a game cartridge that boasted three games in one! And as someone who really loved all kinds of RPGs I just had to buy it wiht my pocket money. So I booted up the first game in anticipation and was quite surprised at how old-fashioned it felt at that time. However, it was still playable and enjoyable. Or at le

Gaia Gensouki

Gaia Gensouki in Reviews

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