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Video Game Sage and Mega Cat Studies are teaming up to give great homebrew games a physical release! Get the scoop on each game in this collaborative series, featuring great developers, Mega Cat's publishing prowess, and the writing and artistic talents of VGS' staff. Like my regular series A Homebrew Draws Near!, The Mega Cat Chronicles will talk about the game itself, the story behind its creation, and of course special interviews with the development team. Tune in here for news about these special physical releases.

Entries in this blog

Episode 2: Rocket Panda

The Mega Cat Chronicles A blog series by @Scrobins Episode 2: Rocket Panda Introduction: Working in such a creative industry as video games can bring some fun people together, giving rise to great working relationships. With time and more collaborations under their belts, real friendships develop, as well as a shared idea for a project of their own. The work I’m honored to do with Mega Cat is a fun example, but right now I’m thinking of two developers who have worked to

Episode 1: Diamond Thieves

The Mega Cat Chronicles A blog series by @Scrobins Episode 1: Diamond Thieves Introduction: In the beginning, homebrew was the hobby of mad scientists experimenting with their own limited resources. There were no supply chains. Donor carts were the norm. But the community’s potential increased dramatically with the arrival of publishers offering molds for new cartridges, technical expertise to polish a game’s code, and a range of services including the printing of quali
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