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  1. That PlayStation is such a cool collectors item! Thanks for sharing
  2. I have one in mind but I need to get some better pics before I post, I’ll post this one since this is one of my favorite series!
  3. This is definitely grail worthy, thanks for sharing!
  4. I saw a thread for posting your 'one of a kind' collectibles, but nothing for people to post a their holy grail item from their collection. Let's see some cool stuff! Im emphasizing on it being your holy grail. Some people can’t keep up with the big collectors, so post what you cherish the most out of your collection! Thanks to everyone posting up so far!
  5. thanks tbone, I'm not looking to pay that much, appreciate you responding!
  6. My name is Jason, and I’m a long time collector. I’m actually really pumped with the setup of this forum and the amount of recent activity (thanks NA!) My Instagram is @nintendocollection Where I show off all of my games, feel free to check it out. I also set up a want to buy thread, currently looking for sealed/mint GBA SP consoles! thanks all
  7. Hey All! New to the forum but been in the collecting game for many years. Just recently switched my focus on what I’m collecting. I’m looking for the following: - Sealed/Graded/CIB Mint Gameboy Advance SP (any US variants) - Sealed/Graded Super Mario 64 First Print - Sealed/Graded Super Mario 64 Player's Choice - Sealed/Graded Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for Super Nintendo I’m also open to trades. I’m mainly a Nintendo 64 collector, but I have a little bit of most things!
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