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  1. Willing to pay above market price.
  2. I am looking for the following cib tg-16 games. Boxes must be in good shape with no missing box flaps. Thanks last alert ys 3 neutopia bomberman 93 Just boxes would be ok too.
  3. Were there game specific registration cards that were in dw 1 or 2? Thanks
  4. Anyone have number 3 & 4 registration cards that want to sell? Thanks
  5. I am looking for the USA version Ax Battler cib for game gear. I am paying $200. Thanks
  6. I am looking for the Altered Beast insert/poster that came with various genesis games. Sega ad on one side, Altered Beast on the other. Thanks
  7. Was there any playable gameplay on the starfox one? What about the metroid prime one? What more can you tell me about these discs? Are they cd, dvd, or gamecube discs?
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