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Want to Trade for (or Buy)


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I've stopped with the selling, though I will update what I do have still into a new thread for trading, but want to post this too as a wish list.

When it comes to old cartridge games loose is preferred as long as it's not beat up or the stickers are damaged that's it, doesn't need to be immaculate, just not below average.  If we get into something sub-GBA sized, game 'cards' like the DS, 3DS and Switch sized along with optical media that's CIB only because they're either too easily lost and/or damaged.

If i write a general system or end in 'maybe more' if you have a list or a picture I'll peek.
I'm looking to trade to get (or buy to get)...


- (Neo Geo) 138-in-1 multicart, bootleg/reproduction of IRONCLAD (I own the roms, just don't have the boards/shell)
- (Famicom or NES style) homebrew of the prototype Sim City unreleased game, maybe more FC/famiclone carts too
- (Virtual Boy -loose-) Space Squash
- (Genesis) Dune and Dragon's Revenge, more... show me pics/text list -- thanks!
- (Wii) Dragon Quest Swords, Dead Space Extraction, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

- MANUALS: NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBC, GBA -- I'm missing stuff, maybe you have it?

I've got a large selection of first party Gameboy dust cases (60+) and maybe 10 more KOs.  I've got some vintage toys, lego, various things I'd let go of if you have some idea what you're after.

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