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Airmail to USA, Canada and other destinations from Asia suspended - again (January 2022)


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So far, from Japan, only small packets to Canada are affected:


From Hong Kong though, all airmail services to USA, Canada, Australia and Mexico is suspended:


Not sure about other countries but make sure to check before buying internationally...

I just took down all my listings because what's the fu*king point. If I ship late buyers can use it as an excuse to get a refund and keep the item. And no way I'm shipping surface, it takes way too long and any buyer can file a non-received item and get money back from eBay, and later get the package for free (been there done that).


Also, amazing how some countries block sending to some countries, while others block to different countries. What a mess. I'm training a big pigeon, he will be faster and more reliable that postal services. I might even train a whole flock and open my own shipping company.

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It's just more crybaby paranoia, who needs facts when scare tactics and attention seeking are more fun right?  We're beyond a pandemic now, it's outright endemic and that's that.  It has evolved numerous times, now it has learned to just make people miserable(or hide and not be) and transmit to others vs kill the patient to survive and it'll continue to do so.  But hey, it's easier to control sheep when the government loses its mind and starts up with more form of lockdown which time and again clearly don't help.

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