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Is Wata's 'Deep Badge Upgrade' still available as Additional Service if game is in post-grade phase?


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Is Wata's 'Deep Badge Upgrade' still available as an Additional Service charge ($8)  after the game was already submitted/received, scanned, graded, and is currently in the post-grade phase (with a Box grade of 9.2 listed in grade details)?

Or because I did not Check 'Deep Badge Upgrade' during the initial submission they will not allow new payment after submissions for a 'Deep Badge upgrade' for Additonal Services?

Just wondering if anybody has any prior knowledge if they send a follow up email if the Box grade is 9.0 or greater per reference 1 prompt below. Thanks in advance!


Also, see below what I found regarding Deep Badge Upgrade on their website:

Reference 1)

Canyon Drive Technologies’ "Deep" is a prestigious, visually striking, and non-replicable badge reserved only for games in stellar condition to signify their truly pristine and special quality. Games that receive a Mint grade of 9.0 or higher will be eligible for the Deep Badge. If you select the Badge upgrade, you are agreeing to pay the cost of the upgrade should your game grade 9.0 or higher — you will not be charged unless your game receives a qualifying Mint grade. To learn more about the badge, visit our FAQ here.

Reference 2)

What is exactly is the “Deep Badge” upgrade?

Visually Stunning, Canyon Drive Technologies has provided Wata Games with “Deep”, a new array technology that created true three dimensional depth into a two dimensional composite based product. One side of the sheet contains an array of tiny spherical lenses, borrowing from nature’s honeycomb design. This unique design results in a 99.9% fill factor, previously unachievable in any lens array graphic arts material. A wide variety of specially prepared patterns can be printed on the reverse side of the sheet, where the lenses magnify the patterns to create outstanding 3D depth, motion, and color-shifting effects. Interlacing can also be used to create dramatic 3D “integral” imagery.

Canyon Drive Technologies integrates Deep into a variety of labels and badges, usually with the Flow that you see Wata’s grade printed on, to create visually striking security products that cannot be duplicated with traditional copying technologies or mechanisms. It is a subtle, yet extraordinary, second step that make labels and badges truly one of a kind and impossible to recreate.

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