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Virtual tap questions


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Does anyone have any experience with the virtual tap ? (Virtual boy consolizer) the mod itself doesn’t appear to difficult. But my main question would be between the vga version or rgb version, i still have an older Sony flat screen with a vga, so vga option is good. but I prefer to use my Sony crt for the “retro” consoles. Can I just use the sega hd retrovision cable if I install the rgb version with a din9 ? I don’t have any of those upscaler devices. Just want to connect it right up to my tv component input via retrovison cables.    And if I can, how is the picture ? Look good ? 2nd question would be .. about the servo emulator, if the units eyes and motor are working do you need that ? Those are the main questions, any other suggestions on “no cut mods”, other 3d printed shells or just leave it in the original shell .. would be appreciated as well. 

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The servo emulator is needed if those parts are missing, it wouldn't be needed otherwise because if you're doing some kind of a no cut mod.  You'd just be running a branch off the system to your external added port to use it on a TV getting basically a direct feed.  I can't answer your cable question clearly.  If that retrovision cable works, and the pinouts for what they do are the same, there's no reason it shouldn't work.

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