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NES Homebrew Trophy is Headed to Xbox One via 8-Bit Legit Dec. 17th


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It's Alive!

Trophy, the brand new #8BitLegit platformer from Gradual Games/The 6502 Collective is launching on Xbox One Friday, December 17th with Pre-Orders available now from our new publishing venture 8-Bit Legit!

Originally created for the NES and released on cartridge, Trophy now finds its way to the Xbox One. It is a love letter to such iconic games as the Mega Man series and Capcom Disney titles, featuring colorful characters, vibrant backgrounds, and giant bosses. The game features the classic movements of running, jumping, and shooting, and strives for a pure platforming experience, unhampered by excessive power-ups or useless abilities. Although the emphasis is on purity, Trophy features advanced technical features which have rarely been used in homebrew titles.
Capture a full slate of achievements exclusive to Xbox. Boost your gamer score while your skills are tested in this real-retro platformer. 


  • - Nine levels of intense, platforming action
  • - Experience authentic retro gameplay
  • - Explore diverse environments and terrain
  • - Blast your way through large, fully-scrolling levels
  • - Search for hidden areas and power-ups
  • - Parallax scrolling
  • - Cut-scene narrative segments
  • - Password system
  • - Face off against nine GIANT bosses

VISIT THE #8BITLEGIT WEBSITE: https://8bitlegit.com
CHECK OUT THE TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxqdsiihpCk

8-Bit Legit is a pixel partnership between Mega Cat Studios & Retrotainment Games who share a passion for quality retro. We are committed to keeping cartridge gaming alive both in physical form and through modern digital publishing. 8-Bit Legit is physically headquartered out of the Steel City in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Sorry I missed this Dale!

Trophy has achievements. Our next release Battle Kid, which comes out the 15th of this month has more bells and whistles than just achievements. Super stoked for the progress we are making. Thanks for asking.


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