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Dungeons and Doomknights NES


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Dungeons and Doomknights is a new NES release. I was a kickstarter backer; the release was finalized not too long ago so I sat down and I finally got to put some time into it this weekend! It's a lot of fun. The old game references and internet humor are a little too thick for me, but, all in all I enjoyed the experience. I played for about 90 minutes and it kept my focus the whole time (which isn't easy these days!).

Game play reminds me a bit of a medieval StarTropics. Simple overhead combat, explore the world, find the new thing, reach the new place. A checkpoint save system is built in, but I found the checkpoints a bit tedious and you may prefer save states. For you collectors, it has a physical release; I enjoyed reading the PDF manual and wished I could see a real printed one. (I don't collect anymore but I still love seeing a new release.) And the music! So good. Could use more variety, but the music and sound are well done.

Overall score, 8/10. I'd recommend it to anyone that likes 8-bit adventuring or home brew. Check out the website here. Let me know what you think about it if you've been playing it, I'd love to bs about it with some fellow 8-bit gamers.



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