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Game boy micro with box, manuals, charger and original carrying pouch.


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Good day fellow collectors!


I recently went to a garage sale and found something that picked my interest. I am usually more of a comic collector but being a 90s kid, when I saw this game boy micro I knew it was a great find. I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge about the price of one of these? It is working and playing (I suck at Mario Kart tho).



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1 hour ago, bunek0 said:

That is amazing and unexpected. I got it for about 10 dollars. I will probably wait until CCG rolls out their game certification, get it slabbed and get myself into another collecting hobby.🤣


Thank you for your prompt reply!

It's honestly not worth doing that. Getting items graded have to be in exceptional condition or exceptionally rare. I mean, if you wwnt to get it graded so that it is in a nice, protected acrylic case, then do what you want. However, if you are thinking it will increase the value, it won't and with time and money invested in it, it might "devalue" it because people will want to pay a standard rate for a mid-graded item in a roughed box.

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