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CIB PS2/PS3 Games available.

Kain Highwind

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These games are all CIB with whatever they would have come with new. 99% of them are from my own purchases. I just need to clear out some backlog stuff as I only collect a few specific items these days. Nothing super special in here, but might be some hole fillers.


 PS 2

- The Bouncer

- Dragon Quest VIII w/ FF12 Demo Box and both manuals

- Grandia II

- Kingdom Hearts

- Kingdom Hearts II

- Magna Carta Delux set

- Metal Gear 2

- Metal Gear 3

- Ninja Gaiden Sigma CE with sealed Soundtrack

- Nocturne

- Odin Sphere

- Okage

- Persona 3 FES

- Suikoden Tactics



- AR Tonelico Qoga CE

- Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY

- Batman Arkham City

- Bioshock

- Bioshock 2

- Catherine Love is Over Edition

- Darksiders

- Dead Island

- Disgea 3

- Disgea 4

- Deus Ex

- Dragon Age Awakening

- Dragon Age 2 SE

- Dragon's Crown

- GTA5

- God of War 3

- God of War Collection

- Heavenly Sword

- Mass Effect Trilogy


- Oblivion Steelbook

- Red Dead Redemption GOTY

- Renonance of Fate

- Resident Evil 5 Steelbook

- Resident Evil 6

- Skyrim GOTY

- Uncharted 1/2/3 (with Steelbook)

- Valkyria Chronicles


I also have a few Double Jump guide books in Soul Nomad and Disgea 3.

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