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SEALED Blue Thunder Action Max bundle

Chaos Control

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Hello, my fellow collectors! I've been collecting for various systems since 1998, and have been on various online communities over the years. Nowadays, I'm primarily on AtariAge, but I wanted to offer a one of a kind rare bundle for sale here in case anyone here would welcome it in their collection. 


What it is is the very last version of the Action Max, which swapped out the pack-in game of 99% of systems for the late-release Blue Thunder. Blue Thunder is the rarest Action Max title, and besides its status as a late-release it is also a very old bit of collector lore that the other reason it is so rare is that most of the copies were held back to be sold with these bundles. 

The only actual difference between this bundle and any other Action Max is the front sticker indicating the update of the pack-in game, and of course the copy of Blue Thunder itself. Now the system box itself, while intact and clean, has a few dings and moderate tearing in a few spots. It is by no measure mint. No collector would bother with it if it weren't the only known example of this bundle. 

Besides the unique box sticker, the copy of Blue Thunder is still SEALED! UNOPENED! DEAD MINT! It even still has the hang tab in back. While the box is cool and one of a kind, you're really buying this for the sealed Blue Thunder. While I'm not the person to do it, somebody could easily get it graded and put it up for auction for a lot more. 

The rest of the contents are all present, and in good shape. It honestly seems as though they were never used. 

Now as to price, it is $650 shipped in the US. I'm not willing to ship overseas or to Canada. Shipping will be via fully insured USPS Priority Mail, and the box will be well packed. This will get to you safely. Payment will be via PayPal. 

I have a longstanding Feedback thread here:


...rest assured that I'm legit. You have a rare chance at something not just rare but also one of a kind. Thanks for your interest! 



0112201331.thumb.jpg.a9c34b8ef347ea5e3790ed3b18275f77 (1).jpg

0112201331a.thumb.jpg.758da118db30ba73ba42da6039d6f42b (1).jpg






0112201333a.thumb.jpg.6a1cef739db83bf3b692ec86780e8d79 (1).jpg


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6 hours ago, DefaultGen said:

Great price IMO! CIB Blue Thunder alone is like $200 and almost never comes up for sale. One recently ended on Ebay but it's been probably over a year since I've seen one otherwise and of course I've never seen this bundle. GLWTS.

Much appreciated!:)

Besides other copies of this bundle, I don't think I've ever seen a copy of Blue Thunder that was still sealed with the store tab. My reasoning on the price was normal price + sealed+ unique bundle. I really hope it goes to an appreciative Action Max collector!

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