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[Suggestion] Tags for specific posts (not topics)


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Thanks guys for doing this - I never posted a lot on the other site, but I did spend a LOT of time reading through posts and trawling the forum for information and have used it frequently as a source for information 

Suggestion: Tags added to specifically interesting / informative posts

This idea here comes from yesterday, where I had to search the old site for information regarding the European version of Boxxle 2 for the Gameboy. Whilst a normal search function did yield some results, I was wondering if it would be smart to have the ability for users to add a tag to a specific post that had quality information on a specific game, a variant, a system or so on.

Let's say someone mentions in a post that "The European version of Contra is actually called Probotector, and the sprites have been changed to robots and there is no blood", this post could be tagged with for example "Contra" "Probotector" and "Game version differences", so if I wanted to study up on Contra, I could select the "Contra" tag and be shown the most informative posts on the subject. (This way, I wouldn't have to get shown all the other posts in my search, where people mention contra being hard, other people pointing out that it isn't that hard, people yelling about how it's overrated whilst other still pointing out that it's great, and not forgetting the handful of people reminiscing about how the price of Contra used to be cheaper 15 years ago than it is now - I'm sure you get the point)

Another example could be in a post "Mr. Gimmick actually only had a release of 5000 NES cartridges" with the tag of "Gimmick", so if I wanted to study up on Gimmick / Mr. Gimmick the specific post mentioning this would be in the posts shown to me.

Kinda like an indexing system where one wouldn't have to look through hundreds of general discussion posts, and then a place somewhere where one could browse through the available tags making somewhat of an encyclopedia feel.


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