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Are "new" replacement Wii U drives reliable?


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I had a Wii U with a damaged drive (read discs perfectly fine, but made quite a racket and sometimes left minor rings in Wii games) that I tried to replace (with a friend) with a new replacement drive purchased off of Amazon. However, the new drive doesn't work, it won't fully load discs (the "arms" used to grab the disc weren't working, and I believe the disc load sensor was attached and transferred) and wouldn't eject them either. I did however, drop the replacement drive a couple of times (mostly on to carpet), and I'm wondering if that was the reason it didn't work right. Were my issues because I dropped it or because these new replacement drives often arrive broken?

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First off my advice is probably worthless because I've never worked on a Wii u. Electronics and carpet are a bad combo if static hits but I'm not sure if dropping would be enough to damage it, could be but no idea. Could you return the new drive on Amazon for a replacement due to the arms not grabbing? 

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