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Racermate Challenge II

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Trying to get/provide as much info as possible on my Racermate Challenge II setup. I assume what paperwork I have is complete just by the sheer amount of it, but it'd be nice to have a full list of what was originally included in the set, if that exists. If it doesn't exist, I feel like I should get in touch with someone who can archive this stuff digitally. Like that disc, is that software even available online? Is this one of the last discs containing said software? Pretty sure there's some Nintendo guys that would appreciate having that software if they don't already, assuming I can share it somehow. I'd also like to know what those ROM chips are, I thought they only replaced one chip on the board, but its possible one chip is the original that they replaced and maybe the second is a different mod? If anyone can put me in touch with an expert it'd be much appreciated, thanks for reading! Apologies if I post something incorrectly, I'm not very "forum" savvy, lol.
May be an image of screen

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